Initial or full body assessment

An "initial" appointment or "Full Body Assessment" includes the following:

  • Analysis of the full medical history.

  • Functional lab analysis (which could include the analysis of your "urine elements" test.).

  • Tongue signs/analysis.

  • Iridology signs.

  • Auricular Testing/Therapy.

  • Diet recommendations.

It could also include, based on your needs, the following;

  • Food allergy testing for the main allergens only.

  • Visceral Manipulation &/or cranial bodywork for basic relief.

  • ( A follow up appointment for this therapy is recommended for symptoms that require a full treatment.)


Initial/Full Body Assessment is $150.00 for 1.5 to 2.0 hours & Follow-up appointments are $95.00 to $115.00 for 1.0 to 1.5 hours.  (All prices are subject to GST.)

Please refer to "welcome page" which describes our work & product guarantee.

(Shorter appointments & phone appointments are also scheduled for quick assessments on a straight-forward symptom picture for existing clients only or for people who have had colonics before.) 

Ie. $75.00 for 3/4 hour.  (All prices are subject to GST.)

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Visceral Manipulation/Cranial body work

Structural & injury support

A/  Visceral Therapy is very useful for digestive symptoms especially for "hiatus hernia" disorders or Ileo-cecal valve disorders.  But it could benefit you if you have been under a lot of stress & need your diaphragm released so that your digestive juices can flow properly, which will aid in decreasing digestive symptoms & increasing energy. Excercise & herbs are often given to help keep the organs functioning between visits. 

An Initial Assessment is required to have this therapy performed on you, please see above for pricing.

B/  Cranial Body Work is very useful for those who are suffering from a chronic illness and have been working on getting well for a long time, but just need that last "push" to get over that last hurdle.  It activates the God-given healing mechanism in the body which enhances all the reserves of the nervous system so that you can heal appropriately and wholly. 

An Initial Assessment is required to have this therapy performed on you.  Please see above for pricing.

C/  Structural & Injury Support is for athletes or active people who often get injured or have repetitive strain injuries and can suffer for unnecessarily long periods of time.   Herbs or homeopathic remedies combined with the traditional methods or even with an experienced acupuncturist, will do wonders in getting you back on your game! 

An Initial Assessment is required to have this addressed along with a follow up appointment to make sure your protocol is working well.  Please see above for pricing.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonics has been around for at least 50 years & is a wonderful way to get the environmental toxins out & improve the large intestines' tone which improves elimination.  If your elimination is less than it should be (as long as your arm, a Toonie-size around in diameter, & after every 3x per day.), then you need help! 

Please make sure you use the "Resources" page to read up on this therapy along with other helpful cleansing articles. 


An initial Assessment or a minimum phone consultation is required if you have not had this therapy before or if you haven't had colonics for more than 6 months or if you have some medical conditions or significant physical symptoms. Ie. No bowel movements for greater than 2 days or more.

  1. Initial Assessment is: $150.00 for a 2 hour in office visit.

2. Phone Consultation is: $50.00 for up to 30 minutes phone consult.

After your initial assessment or phone consultation, the cost of the colonic will be $83.00 if you bring your own large bath towel or $88.00 if you use one of ours.  (all prices are subject to GST)

Please note:  There are some circumstances that may not require an initial assessment or a phone consultation, in that case, the first colonic will be 30$ more to cover the extra time it takes to do the colonic.  After this first colonic it will be the regular price as listed above.

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Prices for Email/Phone consults:

Emails pertaining to a current program or visit are free up to 4 to 6 weeks after the first appointment, as well as 1 phone call any time during the 4 weeks after the first appointment.  

The prices listed below are for topics not pertaining to a current program or visit.

(Ie. These prices pertain to emails/phone calls after the 4 to 6 week period.)  

If you are unsure whether you will be charged for an email or phone call, please just ask me & I will let you know.


a) 15$ for up to 4 to 6 topics in an email.

b) 5$ for each additional topic to a maximum of 50$.  

Phone calls:

a) 50$ per phone call to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Note:  All Email & Phone Consults must be prepaid by credit card or e-transfer.